Alessandro Balzano

Software Developer

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11-2018 - Present
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
Leonardo S.p.A
Support, documentation and development activities related to a subsystem of the "c76 naval artillery", and an in-house logging system.
  • Used C++ on both PCs and ThreadX Real-time Operating System.
  • Supported a remote logging system, complete with real-time visualization tools, with Qt4, Qt5, ZeroMQ, POCO
09-2017 - 11-2018
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
Capgemini S.A. (internal project)
The tool developed in this project helps organizations to track their teams' maturity about a certain topic (agile, cybersecurity...) through periodic questionnaires. If the team's maturity is not good enough, the tool is able to suggest actionable tips to improve and fix the team's processes.
  • Used react, react-flux, typescript to build the frontend site of the web application
07-2016 - 09-2017
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
General Electric Nuovo Pignone (GE Oil & Gas)
The initial project started with the creation of an application, running on the Predix cloud platform, for real-time monitoring and historical work data analysis of CNC machines. From that initial core, the webapp was expanded to become the center of the whole plant's activities, such as work shifts management and raw data exports for offline analysis.
  • Developed the first core of the web application, creating Google Polymer.js web components in javascript and CSS3
  • Mentored new developers about Polymer and the GE Predix platform
  • Introduced unit/integration testing using jasmine, web-component-tester and Selenium
  • Created small microservices in Python to support Java and data analysis teams
04-2015 - 07-2016
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
Leonardo S.p.A (previously Finmeccanica, OTO Melara)
Support and development activities for the "c76 naval artillery" system development teams, that resulted in the creation of simulators and debugging tools. These activities enabled the groups to cut the debugging time - due to a new remote logging system and an ad-hoc porting of a control system from an RTOS to Linux-, and the integration time between different systems, both internal and built by third parties (c76 reference simulator, HCI panels simulator)
  • Created custom remote logging system and real-time visualization tools with Qt4, Qt5, ZeroMQ, POCO
  • Proposed and implement unit/integration testing using C++ (googletest, suzuha) and Python (pyserial, pytest)
  • Supported the implementation of the c76 reference simulator using Qt5
06-2014 - 04-2015
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
Leonardo S.p.A (previously Finmeccanica, OTO Melara)
The project is about the prototype of a weapon system designed to be rapidly deployed on cargo military aircraft (such as C27J and C130), to be used to counter asymmetric threats and to support infantry troops, known as OTO GUNSHIP. The weapon system has its own Electro-Optic FCS (fire control systems) that interfaces itself with a GPS, a 360-degrees camera and a 20mm Gatling Gun.
  • Developed the fire control system -running on a x86-based PC104- in C++ (Qt4, easyloggingpp) on Linux Gentoo
  • Implemented tools to extract and analyze logs data in Python (xlwt)
05-2013 - 06-2014
Analyst Consultant at Capgemini S.A
European Space Agency (ESA)
The project revolves around maintaining and developing new features for the travel management system (MAS) and payment (MOS) and the documentation system for storaging and sharing Word/PDF documents across departments (ROCADE)
  • Maintenance and new features development on the travel and payment management systems, on both frontend (Javascript) and backend (PL/SQL for Oracle 10g)
  • Porting of documentation sharing application (Perl CGI scripts served by Apache) from Solaris to Suse Linux 11

Education and Training

09-2007 - 07-2012
Industrial Informatics Engineer at ITIS Capellini Sauro
European Qualification Framework Level 5 - final result: 98/100
  • Achieved 5th place at the National Turing Machines Tournament in February 2012, organized by University of Pisa, winning one year of free attendance to CS courses
  • Collaborated to the reverse engineering and design of a barometric sensors' launcher for ENEA as a school project

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Italian
Other languages: English, certified Cambridge English Preliminary (PET) - CEFR B1
Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken Interaction Spoken Production
B2 C1 B2 B2 B2