moesearch 0.2: from to desustorage


I'm back to talk about an update I just pushed to a personal project of mine, moesearch. This fine project is a requests-inspired library for a 4chan archive, desustorage.

A story first: it started a long time ago, when the Foolz Archive became Various techinical improvements to FoolFuuka (the engine that powers the most famous archives) brought a nice REST API developers could use to access the archive's data, removing the need to do painful and error-prone HTML scraping. It was matter of hours and the library was live on github.

Time passes, Hasumi decides he can't maintain the archive anymore (the costs were too high, its time not enough, hardware failure destroyed backups), so the desustorage guys take the project over.

Today, I thought: hey, what are these guys using? Turned out they're running FoolFuuka.

The library is now updated to version 0.2, and it's live on the cheese shop, or on the previously linked github repository: just pip-install it and try it!

See you next time!

PS: I'd like to talk about some other cool things I built or fixed too, but they have to wait until I receive my #hacktoberfest t-shirt :D